Building a season with my mans Friel


I am currently working on creating a training plan with Joe Friel’s Training Bible.  I decided that by posting my goals and plan online, I will be more likely to stick with it.  So, I’ll lay everything out here and reflect at the end of next year.

Season Goals for 2015:

1, Win Home B Criterium on March 8

2. Upgrade to Category 3 by the end of Collegiate Season

3. Break 1 hour in the August Church Creek Time Trial

Training Objectives (completed by February 13):

1. Improve focus: Pay attention to effort levels in all interval workouts

2. Improve sprinting: Complete sprint power test with scores of 4 for Max and 5 for average

3. Improve speed: Be able to spin at 140 RPM for one minute

4. Improve anaerobic endurance: Do 2-3 workouts focusing on anaerobic endurance per week during build

5. Improve muscular endurance: Complete a full hour at FTP 6 times during build

Annual Training Hours:

I have not done an official recording of my annual training hours in the past so I am going to take a guess.  Since I’m striving to be a decent Category 3 cyclist by the end of the season, I’m going to go for something in that range.  So, I’m going to aim for 600 hours over the coming year.

Race Priorities:

I have decided that my A races for this year are going to be our home weekend at UMD, the weekend of Kelly Cup and Wilmington Grand Prix and the weekend of Church Creek and Dawg Dayz.

My higher priority B races are going to be the 2 Cities Criterium, Tour of Hampton Roads and the Air Force Cycling Classic.

Getting Pumped

I had initially intended to do my own training plan this year based on research from over the summer. However, I started reading the training bible an so much of the content makes sense that I think I might create my own periodization schedule this year.


Breaking stuff in the lab

      I’ve decided that since I’m unable to frequently motivate myself to sit down and write, I am going to start taking more pictures and posting them with simple descriptions.

So, the first in this series is about engineering. We are doing a charpy test in lab this week. Basically, we’re taking small bars of material and smashing them with a pendulum. The energy required to break the material is recorded and we use it to analyze which materials are the easiest to break.


Reflection on my season goals

At the beginning of the season, I posted a list of goals and I just wanted to take some time to address how I progressed in each of them.  I have decided to conclude my mass start season and begin a 2 month non-competitive block for the bike and instead do some other stuff like run, swim and play ultimate.  So here is my list of goals and how well I progressed on them.

Reasonable technical goals:

-340W FTP (Up from 313W)

-410W 5 min. (Up from 370W)

-Be able to hold TT tuck for 1 hour

-Get down to 200 lb. during peak season (from 220)

Batshit Technical Goals:

-360W FTP

-440W 5 min.

I think it will be hard to achieve this without the benefit of a power meter, so I’m hoping to invest in a stages at a near point in the future.  It was really cool to see my energy output in real time for the first time ever during my power test and it will help me a lot if I can have that all the time.  For now, however, i will have to rely on heart rate alone.


This section I have no way of assessing because I still have not invested in a power meter.  I was hoping it would be my splurge purchase this summer but I ended up having to replace my wheelset instead so we’ll see what happens.  I can hold the TT tuck for a good period of time but I have not checked whether or not I can hold it for a full hour.  In terms of my weight, I was down to 206 at one point but am now at around 212.  With the help of a nutritionist, I am hoping to drop to around 190 for the next season so we’ll see how effectively I’m able to

Reasonable race goals:

-Make it to Collegiate B

-Upgrade to 3s

-Go to more races and especially more with the team

-Go under 40′ at the TNTT (currently at 42:30)

-Beat all of GS-Cyclelife in a 3/4 race

-Win a race

Batshit race goals:

-Qualify for collegiate nationals TT (I wanna race on the Richmond 2015 course)

-Upgrade to 2s

-Win MABRA TT champs Cat 3 (podium if at Cat 2)

-Win Tour de Millersburg Cat 3 (finish all 3 races if Cat 2)

Well, I made it to collegiate B but that was just a formality so I have not completed any of the real goals and I’m pretty dissapointed with that.  I’m not even going to the Tour de Millersburg not the TT champs this year because I’ve decided to end my season early.  I just found that towards the end of the summer I could easily pack-surf but I just didn’t have any snap at the end of races.  So, I’m going to heal up, lick my wounds and go back and try again next year.


When you set goals, it is incredibly important that you do things that will contribute to your completion of them.  I think that I didn’t do enough intervals that would have allowed me to win races during collegiate season and then by the time I had that snap, my body wanted to wind things down.  So, next year I will return with some new intervals in my repertoire and hopefully, get going on some of these goals.  I’ll try to pick only certain races during the summer that I’m targeting and not just go willy nilly on my race schedule.