Road season, here we come

Well, I’m getting way overly excited about something that is still super far away but I don’t care because it’s something to get excited about. My logic is that we have one more week of classes, a week of finals, then winter break (which should breeze by), then only two weeks until our first race weekend. My excitement is also compounded by the fact that we got our quarter-zips this week. They look dope. Look out for the hash tag #qzipschangelives for the amazing stories behind these jackets.

Peace out.

Breaking more stuff in the lab

I actually meant to post this a couple weeks ago when it happened but whatever. So, we were doing same pendulum experiment as the last time except with metals rather than polymers. Just wanted to show off some of the cool stuff we do in Maryland’s Materials department.



Oh, and some of the materials were frozen in liquid nitrogen prior to being tested.


Building a season with my mans Friel


I am currently working on creating a training plan with Joe Friel’s Training Bible.  I decided that by posting my goals and plan online, I will be more likely to stick with it.  So, I’ll lay everything out here and reflect at the end of next year.

Season Goals for 2015:

1, Win Home B Criterium on March 8

2. Upgrade to Category 3 by the end of Collegiate Season

3. Break 1 hour in the August Church Creek Time Trial

Training Objectives (completed by February 13):

1. Improve focus: Pay attention to effort levels in all interval workouts

2. Improve sprinting: Complete sprint power test with scores of 4 for Max and 5 for average

3. Improve speed: Be able to spin at 140 RPM for one minute

4. Improve anaerobic endurance: Do 2-3 workouts focusing on anaerobic endurance per week during build

5. Improve muscular endurance: Complete a full hour at FTP 6 times during build

Annual Training Hours:

I have not done an official recording of my annual training hours in the past so I am going to take a guess.  Since I’m striving to be a decent Category 3 cyclist by the end of the season, I’m going to go for something in that range.  So, I’m going to aim for 600 hours over the coming year.

Race Priorities:

I have decided that my A races for this year are going to be our home weekend at UMD, the weekend of Kelly Cup and Wilmington Grand Prix and the weekend of Church Creek and Dawg Dayz.

My higher priority B races are going to be the 2 Cities Criterium, Tour of Hampton Roads and the Air Force Cycling Classic.