When you let college get in the way of riding

So I’ve known myself to procrastinate a bit; I think I’m pretty good at it at this point and this week was no performance slouch. My Spanish teacher assigned us a movie to watch and a worksheet to go along with it. Going along with the theme, I hadn’t watched it as of 8am this morning. But I wanted to go for a ride since the weather was beautiful and I thought I wouldn’t have time later in the day. So, my solution: watch a movie on the trainer and shut the blinds to block out the sun and ignore the nice weather outside.
I ate my standard breakfast these days of peanut butter on toast. And by standard I mean whatever I happen to have a lot of for snacks this week. Then I pulled the trainer out of the car since I hadn’t taken it out after Foothills this past weekend. As John Oliver explained why pennies suck to me, I finished setting up my bike and got prepped to ignore the outside world for an hour and a half.

The last movie we watched in spanish class was on youtube so I searched for today’s movie, “Juan de los Muertos.” The first listing was 3 hours and had no english subtitles, like what we usually do. “Interesting,” I thought as I prepared to half pay attention while trying to ride and translate rapid spanish in my head. Over the next hour and a half, I got enough of the gist to understand that zombies took over Cuba and many people flee on rafts to escape to the United States. In addition, there is a hilarious segment in which the main character, Juan, offers his service, Juan de los muertos, as a contract zombie killer in a style similar to Ghostbusters. He even answers the phone the same way and the only thing missing is an assistant with glasses.

The title is obviously a nod to “Dawn of the Dead” and “Shawn of the Dead.” However, this one is a metaphor for how th communists took over Cuba, as we discussed in class later that day.  When I got to class a little early, I asked my next door sitter, “Did you think it was weird that the movie was three hours?” “Three hours?” she replied, “I think it was only supposed to be an hour and a half.”

“Where did you watch it?”

“Vimeo, like he put in the syllabus”

Spokes Out.


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